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About Us


The Tapir Preservation Fund is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization for the conservation of tapirs and their vanishing habitat. This store is how we keep our organization going. Part of our purpose is to educate about the relationship of all animals to the conservation of our planet and to help nurture or instill a love of the Earth and its diversity of life in everyone who visits. We hope that our pages will not only supply useful animal-related objects, but also help nurture and express the values of caring and conservation for all life and the planet that sustains it.


Tapir and Friends Animal Store is a unique shopping destination online for interesting and exotic stuffed animals, animal figurines, key-chains, animal jewelry, clothing and more.

Find the perfect gift for the animal lover or animal advocate in your life with our exceptional selection of exotic wildlife collectibles, creatures of myth and fantasy, prehistoric life, plants and holiday themed plush animals, figurines, key-chains and other sentiments to cherish for a lifetime.

Browse popular brands such as Safari Ltd., CollectA, Hansa, Wild Republic, and more. Or browse by animal, animal species, such as birds and fish, myth and fantasy such as mermaids or dragons, or product types such as stuffed animals, puppets, animal jewelry, and other gifts. Our selections are hand-picked for quality, educational value, and beauty.

We ship to virtually any address in the world. and domestic orders are shipped the same day unless you order after 4 PM Pacific Time or on a weekend or holiday. Global or local, our shopping cart will calculate shipping for you!


In 1996 Sheryl Todd started the Tapir Preservation Fund along with the Tapir Gallery website to help save endangered tapir species. Our website is now in transition. To learn more about Tapir and Friends and how your purchase saves an endangered species or for a truly unique gift read more about us as we continue to develop our new store and website. Help save some of the rarest mammal species in existence. You can also make a donation to the Tapir Preservation Fund, where your donation will help save endangered tapirs. 


Tapirs are living fossils from the Eocene epoch that have survived on the planet during more than 35 million years after the extinction of dinosaurs. Tapirs look something like pigs with trunks, but they are actually biologically related to horses and rhinoceroses. Their lineage is not only ancient and unusual but these animals are considered "living fossils" because they have changed very little over tens of millions of years. 


All four tapir species are endangered or threatened, largely due to hunting and habitat loss. The Tapir Preservation Fund's (TPF’s) sole purpose in life always has been and always will be supporting tapirs and tapir-related projects. (Tapir and Friends Animal Store is one of the ways we raise that money.) We have been a fundraising hub for tapir research, conversation, and education for almost 20 years. 100% of your donation goes to the tapirs, as TPF's overhead expenses are paid by our online store.


If you are interested in something truly special visit the Tapir Gallery to purchase professional photography of one of the world’s most rare endangered species. Like the animal itself these photographs are unique as tapirs are a shy and elusive species and incredibly difficult to photograph in the wild.




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