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Animal Drinking Cups (Plastic Mugs)

Safe Animal Cups for KidsThese cute animal drinking cups for kids have been popular in our store for over 15 years! Made by one of the most respected names in children's products and toys, they are child-safe with no phthalates, and they are extremely durable and dishwasher safe. Kids love the way part of the animal forms the handle of the cup. With some animals it's the tail; with the monkey it's the arm; with the elephant it's the trunk; and with the giraffe, it's the long neck. Wildlife cups are popular for birthday parties with a jungle or sea life theme. Some restaurants use them as crayon holders for kids to play with while waiting for their food. You can do the same at home, making a fun crayon dispenser for your kids or grandkids. Cups hold 8 ounces filled to the top. Mix and match the animals and colors your kids will enjoy most! 




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