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Animal Painted Lapel Pins

Painted Animal PinsAll of our painted lapel or hat pins are hand-made from start to finish by a gifted artist in the USA. He makes a wax mold, pours the pewter, and paints the pins with remarkable detail. Each pin is a beautiful, often-colorful work of art you will want to give as a special gift or keep for yourself. They are made as lapel and hat pins, and if you are very bold, you could wear one as a tie tac. Use them on scarves or as a totem on your bag or backpack. You'll love the attention to detail. Each pin has two posts on the back so they don't twist, and two pinch clips for security. Because they are hand-painted, each pin can vary slightly. Clubs, organizations, schools, and businesses use our pins to identify their groups. Ask, and we can have your name painted on them.




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