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Toy Plastic ElephantsIf you are interested in modern elephants or extinct members of the elephant family, we may have what you're looking for. We have realistic plastic elephant figurines, both Asian and African, and some very cool stuffed and plastic woolly mammoths. How do we define the elephant family? If it has a trunk and tusks, then it comes from the order Proboscidea. Elephants are in this order and are classified in the Elephantidae family. Made up of the African elephants and Asian elephants, these large mammals have long trunks, incisors that grow into tusks, and are huge in size. They are herbivores and prefer to stay near bodies of water. Elephants are considered a keystone species, meaning that they are critical to the ecosystem of their areas. At risk for extinction due to poaching and habitat destruction among other factors, the largest land based mammals on the planet are the last vestiges of an order that includes mammoths and mastodons. We hope you enjoy our selection of both African and Asian elephant toys and gifts from small plastic elephants to hand-made elephant pins.




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