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Fish Toys, Gifts, and ReplicasFish are some of the most popular items in our store. We have a great variety of plastic fish to choose from as well as plush stuffed fish and beautiful fish lapel and hat pins. People use plastic fish for many types of project. If you swim and you have gills and you don’t have limbs with digits, you are considered a fish. That means sharks and tuna are fish, as are the strange-looking hagfish and lampreys. Found in almost any body of water from a mountain stream to the bottom of the sea, fish comprise 32,000 species and are more diverse than any other group of vertebrates. With ancestors dating back to the Cambrian Period in geologic time, fish today remain a major food source for humans. As a result, over 1,100 species are threatened with extinction, including great white sharks and Atlantic cod due to over-fishing. Other threats include habitat destruction, and invasive pest species. In the categories below, you will find plastic replicas, jewelry, and plush representations of living species of fish fish sold in our store. Also see our fascinating extinct fish category.




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