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Hoofed Animals

Hoofed Animal Toys and GiftsHoofed animals (ungulates) are divided into odd-toed ungulates (perissodactyls) and even-toed ungulates (artiodactyls). Odd-toed ungulates are the smaller group, consisting only of rhinos (3 toes on each foot), tapirs (4 front and 3 back), horses, and zebras (one toe on each foot as you can see in the photo). All other hoofed animals have either two hooves (like cows and pigs, and camels) or four hooves (like hippos). How many toes do you have? Are you an ungulate? On this page you can find realistic, educational plastic animals and other replicas and representations of horses, cows, goats, tapirs, antelope, pigs, bison, giraffes, hippos, and many more.




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