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Madagascar Animals

Madagascar (Bigstock Photo)If you need plastic animals representing  Madagascar wildlife such as toy lemurs, you have come to the right place. We have plastic and stuffed lemurs, and even a ring-tailed mongoose figurine. Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean separated from the coast of East Africa by the Mozambique Channel. It split off from the original continent Gondwana about 88 million years ago, and over 90% of its plants and animals can be found nowhere else in the world. Its people are, contrary to popular belief, not mainly from Africa, but are of Indonesian descent. It is an exceptionally poor country but rich in resources such as oil and gas, vanilla, sapphires and rubies, cobalt, and other precious metals, all of which are controlled and exploited by large foreign multinational corporotions. Madagascar is the home of an unusual prosimaian, the lemur. There are over 100 different species, most of them nocturnal and shy. Like most of Madagasacar's wildlife, the lemur has undergone tremendous pressure from widespread deforestation and human contact. Other species of animals endemic to Madagascar have had similar fates, especially the fossa, the Nile crocodile, the radiated tortoise, and numerous birds. Hopefully the exposure of the plight of Madagascar's flora and fauna through movies will help preserve this world treasure. We are grateful that our customers have shown such interest in the animals of Madagascar.




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