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Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptile and Amphibian Toys and GiftsThis is our section of reptile and amphibian toys, replicas, and gifts. See all of our plastic and stuffed reptiles, including plastic poison dart frogs, geckos, plastic land and sea turtles, toy lizards, plastic and stuffed alligators, jewelry, pins, keychains, and more. Reptiles and amphibians (Reptilia and Amphibia) are classes of animals that have cold blood (they do not create their own body heat, but rely on the sun for warmth). Reptiles and amphibians (which together can be called herptiles) are often thought of as slimy, but in fact reptiles usually have dry, scaly skin, while only amphibians need to keep their skin wet. They thrive over much of the Earth's surface, but cannot survive in polar regions. Amphibians are particularly threatened by climate change. Our plastic and stuffed reptiles and amphibians are excellent representations of these animals. You'll love our keychains and jewelry as well.





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